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Home and Identity:
The Private-Public Nexus

Conference Dates: November 14-15, 2012

Languages: Italian and English


How is the home associated with personal and social identity in both the public and private spheres? This is the overarching question for the International Conference: Home and Identity: The Private-Public Nexus. This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together academic and non-academic researchers to progress knowledge on the home and the work of the home and its impact on persons and society. The home (private) implies separation from the world (public). Domesticity in this context is seen in relation to a person's need for centeredness especially in an anonymous globalised world, where the term "domesticity" encompasses different aspects of everyday experiences, such as inwardness, familiarity, hospitality, gender identity and living styles in postmodern urban spaces.

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Conference Themes:

  • The constitution of the Home, the constitution of the Self: Anthropological theories
  • Domestic work between the market and gratuity
  • Embodiment and domestic spaces
  • Living styles, urban identity and the home
  • The role of the home environment on human development and identity
  • Historical influences on the work of the home and their impact on identity
  • Gender Identity and domestic work